Posted by: Sarah Lidsey | April 30, 2009

What Your Healer Can Do For You


When you hear someone describe themselves as a ‘healer,’ do you assume that their work might involve something or someone that needs ‘fixing’? This is not necessarily true. You may come to your energy therapist/healer to ask for hurdle-help in reaching the goals that you wish to – but haven’t yet – attain. You could be in a great place already, but perceive that there is more there for you to embrace if you just step up and ask for it. So you do! Your passion may be in your own evolution and in stepping into service to others, and your energy therapist/healer can and does support you on this journey. AND you may want support in dealing with illness and physical issues. Your healer/energy therapist can be a valuable member of your wellness team together with conventional allopathic doctors, psychotherapists and body-workers.

Part of my gift as a healer is that I am able to help you identify what it is you want to create in your life and where you might be stuck in getting it. Then together we look at what your life will be like if that is present, and connect into the deepest levels of your being, aligning all your structures and the spiritual levels of your personality so that this can then manifest for you in real time and space, in the physical, in life.

Typically, we all want change and we want it NOW. Have you noticed how when you go to your doctor you expect that they will give you a course of action – often pills to take – that will take a few days or a few weeks to complete. And you accept that. Yet often we have an expectation of our healers that they will miraculously cure us in an instant. For some, instantaneous change can be pretty shocking – for others, it is perfect! It can happen, but luckily there is an organizing principle to life that knows what is in our highest good and which isn’t seduced by an over-eager ego. You will get it! However, everyone is different, and change always happens at a pace that is right for each individual person and in alignment with our own journey through life, whatever that may be. Give your relationship with your healer the time you deserve. You may drop into a place of complete trust in one session, but it may take you a few more to fully open and allow healing to profoundly take place. Your relationship with your therapeutic team, be they allopathic or alternative practitioners, is important and like all relationships needs tending.

Ultimately what we want in our own evolution, or for others in their transformation process, is for there to be balance and flow in all aspects of our lives. In the western world this can be a delicate dance. But it can be done. The indigenous tribes of the planet model how beautiful that is when it is lived. The South Americans of the high Andes, the Tibetans who are still able to live on their lands in the Himalayas, and the aboriginal Australians who have not lost their way, show how it is possible to live in harmony with nature and with a connection to their own spiritual traditions and to themselves. They align personality, spirit and life in such a way that there is almost no separation, and like the Bhutanese, who count their good fortune in GNH – Gross National Happiness – they have an inner reservoir of deep peace that many of us have spent years seeking and fortunes acquiring.

The balance you create in your life gives you your experience of the world. You create your world, good or bad. You can re-arrange your world and transform elements of it that no longer work for you. You just have to show up and do it!

An experienced energy worker can support you in your intention to grow, and fully embody Life.

©2009 Sarah Lidsey. All rights reserved.


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