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How Healers Work


Understanding how a healer works and so what model of healing they are operating from will by turn inform you how they are connecting to you energetically and what archetypes they are using in their work – for instance, light, sound, rhythm, movement, joy, grace.

There are many models of healing. The one most commonly understood in the West is the electro-magnetic model of healing.  Another powerful model is through the universal magnetic grids, where gravity affects the evolution of matter.  How the healing takes place and what you do or do not experience may depend on what model is being used.  Everyone likes to know what is going on in a session, but information is received – or not – uniquely and characteristically from different energetic platforms.

From any model of healing the healer delivers the energy to you either in, with, or through the energy field.  For instance, in the electro-magnetic model, frequencies of light and sound are delivered into your field to address specific concerns. You might have a clear picture of the content of the work taking place. You might feel what is going on, seeing colors or hearing sounds that correspond to the area or nature of the work.  In other models most of this awareness may not be present or possible, but other archetypes of experience might be active.  If your healer is working from the magnetic model of healing, the energy will most probably be delivered using one of these three archetypes: Pulse, Rhythm or Movement. There are numerous different ways that energy moves through your structures and is experienced.  It can be useful both to know a little about those structures, and to know some of the characteristics of healing models that your healer may be working from.  I hope this will help you to understand why you experience your healing and your healer the way you do.

Plato, the renowned philosopher who lived circa 427-347BC, was one of the first men to put words to the sacred structure of creation.  He devised a theory around the earth’s basic structure in which he identified geometric shapes, platonic solids, which he saw as the building blocks of more complex forms emerging as sacred geometrical structure.  He associated each one of his platonic solids with one of the five elements – earth, fire, air, water and space (Plato, Timeaus) – each shape evolving with each other, to form the sacred geometry that is the template for life on this planet.  We are all made up of intricate levels of sacred geometry that naturally start to expand and complexify as we come into this life.  They form our spiritual highway through which high level energy can be transduced down into the body.  Our cells formed and within each cell are levels of atomic and subatomic particles that quantum theorists have so elegantly mapped out for us. They explain the roles of quarks, strings and more, helping us to understand that, by the very nature of these structures, in every moment of every day we make choices that color our world, and that we do this through the subatomic particles of our bodies.

The sacred geometry of your existence is really pure.  It reminds you that you in your essence are formed of a subtle spiritual elixir.  This is then stepped down and held in place – in form – by the magnetic grids that then anchor you into your existence on earth.  They do not connect or make up your subtle bodies and chakras, but they hold you in time and space and in relation to the earth through the archetype of Life. Lifeforce is one of the strongest of frequencies resonated through the Magnetic grids. These grids link into the physical structures of your body, and even follow the bones.  It infuses them with codes of creation stepped down as Life. As you travel through the metaphysical plains of existence you accrue experience in your energy field of all the places that you’ve been to and you become more and more adept and increasingly comfortable in every place that you inhabit.  Your energy field expands and diversifies as it reflects this.

As you start working with healers, you will probably meet the two methods of healing outlined below – in some form or other – with the greatest frequency. The connection and alignment between you and your healer is extremely important, whatever model they use, and it needs to be configured so that the energy that is catalyzing your transformation can be delivered by them to you in a way that allows you to receive, accept and absorb it.  Some healers are unaware of how they connect, but nevertheless their connection is profound. Among methods that I know of, establishing a resonance between client and healer is the most widely employed.  Sometimes this is done in just introducing your energies to each other – the healer ‘runs’ energy for the client; or sometimes the healer ‘docks’ their field next to yours and invites your field to open; or the healer aligns their central axis – the structure that dictates how we relate to the universe – to your field so that the energy exchange from them to you is as seamless as possible; and sometimes it is through an almost umbilical connection from their energy field into yours.  It may also be by enveloping you in a profound and strong container of  consciousness.  By resonating the perfection of your being to you from this non-dual field of pure consciousness, the healer helps you to connect to your own perfection as it was originally intended and thus allows your cells to respond and change into the vibrant healthy state that they were conceived to hold.

alex grey gridsThe Magnetic Model of Healing

When a healer is working from a connection into the magnetic grids they may be transmitting energy to your whole body through all your structures in the form of pulses, rhythms and movement, but they will rarely be able to give you detailed visual information, because the magnetic grids do not hold this.  It isn’t part of their make-up and so neither will it be part of either of your experiences in the session that they facilitate through this profound level of your being.  From the magnetic grids if there are any places where you are not living optimally, or where there is a distortion in your field, a pulse or a rhythm will move through your entire field encouraging each stuck place to change back to the pure form of its original creation.  The frequency being transmitted transforms anything in its way that vibrates impurely.  This is like someone repeatedly knocking heavily on a door and then suddenly that door being thrown open and the momentum thus generated causing the person to run on through and out the other side!  So, as you respond, the pathway clears and all issues not in alignment with your true nature, regardless of what they are, are moved on, through, and out, and you have space to create anew. Another indication that your healer is connected through the magnetic grids is if you feel a particular sense of groundedness or heaviness in your field as the energies transmitted from here are primarily and deeply resonating low magnetic frequencies.  You may feel almost as if gravity is anchoring into you as these vibrations purify your matter and give you a clearer alignment for your Life.

bbsh chakra & auraThe Electro-Magnetic Model of Healing

In the levels above the magnetic grids, but also intersected by them, are the electro-magnetic dimensions of being.  Each one has a chakra associated with it which acts like a doorway into that dimension, and each one is separated from the other by space, though paradoxically – like a pyramid structure – they are all interconnected and inform the levels above and around them.  The template of your multi-dimensional self is held here, as is your spiritual history.  Past lives can be experienced if you are having a session with someone who is skilled at working in these structures.  Unlike the Magnetics where the whole energetic body is treated as one and at once, working in and through the dimensions of your being, your healer will be addressing one issue at a time from one dimension at a time.  The emphasis will be on clearing blocks; or repairing damage from old injuries; or releasing old stuck emotions and stories held in time capsules, sometimes for lifetimes. A skilled electro-magnetic model healer can tell you much more about the content of each movement of your healing because drama, story and emotion are interesting in and to these dimensions and so they reveal their tales, whereas they are not in the magnetic grids or to a healer working in that model. You may also find that your awareness of spiritual guides is more evident here. This too is different from a session taking place with a healer working from the magnetic grids, where the guidance is generally directly from Source and received as a sense of knowing.

Because most of us love to know everything there is to know about our state of being, we often value the extrasensory perception of inner sight above all others, but this is only one of the many ways of perceiving in, with or through the etheric realms, and it is one that is a particularly prominent characteristic of a healer adept in electro-magnetic model healing.  Inner hearing, feeling, smell, and knowing are just as useful to the energetic practitioner and with awareness can be valued just as highly.

Some healers are adept at transmitting energies to their clients through more than one model of healing, though almost all of us have a favorite.  Mine is LifeForce, a direct expression of Source which allows me to traverse both the magnetic and electro-magnetic universally held structures as well as journeying to other worlds and realms of healing.  It is a fully responsive model emanating from Source through the magnetic grids, and as with Quantum energetics, it is a non-dual model of healing with its roots in earth frequencies and its connections leading deeply into creation. Some other models of healing include, but are not limited to, Acupuncture, Cranio-Sacral, Chi Gong, Structural Electro-Magnetics, Magic, Sound, and Prayer.

It really adds a lot to your healing experience to have some left brain knowledge about a very right brain activity.  Understanding how your healer works may also speed the development of trust that is so vital between you both if you are going to be able to maximize your time, and work deeply together.  In your session it is likely that you will be moving in non-linear realms of awareness and the experience can be different to anything you have had before. Your connection of trust may happen instantaneously, but it may also take you several sessions to open your energy field fully to your practitioner.  That isn’t unusual or surprising. You may find that your overriding impression of your session is that luxury of all luxuries, complete relaxation.  You may also have revelations of sight, sound or felt experiences that are different, even thrilling.  Ultimately the healing you have is yours alone to interpret – no matter how affirming your healer’s understanding of it might be – but that your healer operates in a model of healing that can adapt and respond to you and your unique energy field in a way that is just right for you is vital, and that you have some awareness of how they are working with you is helpful.

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