Posted by: Sarah Lidsey | February 15, 2010

Pilgrimage of the Heart: An Awakening to the Heart of Humanity

This year, February 14th, the dawning of the year of the Iron Tiger in the Tibetan calendar, was also the day when Andean Elders met to activate the solar disk that for eons has been resting in the depths of Lake Titicaca.  In the Christian tradition .. or maybe it’s just the Hallmark tradition these days .. the 14th is St Valentine’s day and it is celebrated as a day when we all open our hearts to each other.  I had hoped to join both the Andean people and like-minded northern celebrants in Peru on this day, but I had to resign myself to staying in New York and participating from afar.  Instead, I set it aside as one of meditation, and aligned myself with the movement of consciousness taking place in the Southern hemisphere, amongst the Andean people that I hold so close to my heart.  The synchronicity of energies on February 14th 2010, deepens the connections that have been building over recent years.  Many believe that the spiritual flame on this planet has been transferred from the northern hemisphere and the masculine template held by the Himalayan mountains and the people of Tibet, to the southern hemisphere and the feminine template of the Andean mountains and the indigenous people of South America.

The Andean activation took place on the Northern shores of Lake Titicaca. Like Lake Manasarovar in Tibet, Lake Titicaca is one of the most sacred lakes on this planet.  At over 15,000ft., it is in fact, the largest highest lake in the world. Like Lake Manasarovar – which is believed to be the home of Parvati, divine consort to Lord Shiva, one of the triad of Creator Gods in Hindu mythology – Lake Titicaca is connected to the great Creator Being of Andean mythology, Wiracocha, the Sun God.  Both Lakes are located near places of acknowledged spiritual and geophysical power.  While Manasarovar’s crystalline waters are at the base of Mount Kailash, which is said to embody the Axis of the Universe, Titicaca lies along the same magnetic grid line, or Leyline, as Cusco, an ancient city and supposed site of the umbilical of the world.  Lake Titicaca’s position also connects it, further north, to Mount Shasta in the United States, another sacred and important site on this planet. The choice of Lake Titicaca as the heart of the Andean spiritual culture, and its position linking the north with the south through the etheric grids of the planet, I think also speak to the ancient wisdom of these people and their understanding of the need for humanity to eventually unite in order to flourish. 

As the Spanish invaded, and plundered the sacred objects of the Andean people in the 16th Century, legend has it that the high priests of the Andes commanded that the solar disk be protected, and so they moved it from Cusco to Lake Titicaca where it was committed to the sacred waters for safe keeping, guarded by the deities who reside on the islands in the Lake.  It was recognized that it would not be activated until the arrival of a new Pachacuti, or era, and the willness and ability of humanity to bring about a shift in its consciousness.

The date of the solar disk activation coincides with the beginning of a new Pachacuti, the Fifth, a period that the Andean people have been waiting for for five hundred years and whose dawning heralds a time when all of us can come to understand that separation is just an illusion, and in understanding this we can realize our dreams of a harmonious life both on a personal and on a global level.  In the last Pachacuti cultural genocide befell the tribal peoples of the south.  The differences between the indigenous people and their northern invaders was symbolized by two majestic birds, the Eagle and the Condor, who are used as energetic metaphors for the characteristics which define them. Firstly, the people of the north (eagle) are seen to have mastered science and technology and reaped the rewards of material wealth at the expense of spiritual realization, the result of which has been a dangerous impoverishment in the important matters of the heart.  In energetic terms they can be equated with the masculine and the power of the electro-magnetic fields, where the dimensions are held separately from each other.  In contrast the people of the southern hemisphere (condor) reside in a more unified field.  Their energetic domain is in the magnetic grids that hold life force, and their way of being is seen as more feminine in nature, flowing and non-linear.  Their existence is understood to be founded on harmony with each other, the land, and the natural world, and the spirit and the heart are their paramount concerns, ruled by wisdom which thus dictates their actions. With the activation of the Fifth Pachacuti, wisdom stories tell that these two birds will fly together in partnership each learning from the other so that they attain balance, share their strengths and learn from each other enabling the planet and all her inhabitants to move towards a peaceful and healthy co-existence, find higher ground, and a new way of Life.  Man will exist with Man in tolerance, partnership, honoring, and love, leaving behind the times past of turmoil, conflict and ignorance. 

On this day, February 14th 2010, the sun is at its zenith in the skies, directly overhead, allowing for a potent transmission of the reawakened solar disk energies which come from and through the Great Central Sun, which in the Andean cosmology is associated with the Sun God and creator of all things, Wiracocha. Mythology tells, that he created the Sun and the Moon at the Isla del Sol, in the middle of Lake Titicaca.  Astrologically, the solar disk activation is occurring at the beginning of the Age of Aquarius – an age/era/pachacuti associated by New Age chroniclers with, amongst other things, a gradual expansion of consciousness.  Co-incidentally, there was a new moon in Aquarius on February 13th, brimming with heartfelt energy, and highlighting collective healing, Divine love, and higher truth, all delivered with Grace. I haven’t yet heard of any definitive assessments from Andean Elders of what the new energies of the solar disk will have reawakened in the world, but like others and in alignment with the celestial and universal energies present on this day, I believe that this movement is about love, new levels of Divine Love being available to us all. That this was set to happen on a day when the Sun could not be at a more advantageous position speaks also to the profound transmission of these high, clear frequencies in a way that can now – through an expansion of the universally held grid structures – interconnect easily with, in, and through us all by way of our own sacred geometry and our beautiful human hearts.  For each one of us, this movement into a place of receptivity happens uniquely, but for all it involves the heart center which will bring each individual being into a different relationship and a new awareness of our collective connection to each other, the metaphor of the joining of the Eagle and the Condor thus becomes ‘real’ in us all.  ‘We are the ones we have been waiting for’, as Alice Walker famously wrote, and we are empowered to be our own saviors.  With this enhanced level of universal connection through the portal created by the Sun, at its zenith, we each have the capacity to live in unconditional love, to see the sacred nature of all life and to live, globally, in harmony with it, ourselves and our neighbors.  We can awaken to the true nature of being.

The oral and written records of more than one tribe tell us of the beginning of a new era at around this time. The Mayans also informed us of the shifts in evolution, and with the start of the Sixth night of their calendar at the beginning of November 2009, we entered the last movement before the final phase of their records, the Seventh day in 2011, when they believe that the potential will be for all men to awaken.  It heralds the end time for separation – the beginning of a new day, a new way.  What the popular media in the western world is billing as the end of the world, the end time of the Mayan prophesy promises, in fact, to be the end of a redundant way of thinking and acting, and the start of a new relationship with the living planet that we inhabit.  It has the potential to be the start of a new and true Golden Age, which Ovid (Metamorphoses) described as an age of peace and harmony ‘when man yet new,/No rule but uncorrupted reason knew:/and with a native bent did good pursue,/Unforc’d by punishment, unaw’d by fear …

Only months ago I was sure that it was part of my destiny to be present for this momentous event in the Andes.  It was a pilgrimage that I wanted to make from my heart.  I have visited Lake Titicaca on a number of occasions and been gifted by it with ancient and (temporarily) forgotten wisdoms each time.  This time, it was not to be, and in much the same way that I came to understand that I did not need to stand in the presence of Mount Kailash in Tibet for a second time in order to connect deeply with the energies that emanate from there, I see that this is a universal truth.  Everything is available from everywhere else if you wish it.  I would have loved to have stood in physical community and presence with the energies of the Andes and her people, but I also know that today I stood with them all on the etheric planes of existence as was indeed my destiny.

©2010 Sarah Lidsey.  All rights reserved.


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