Posted by: Sarah Lidsey | July 7, 2010

Harmony and Sacred Geometry, the Bridge between Man, Life, and Spirit

The generation of harmony is to my mind one of the most important tasks that we have.  In this age it has too often been lost, and recreating it can be challenging as it requires consciousness, balance, appreciation, and respect…amongst other things.  Without it all sorts of distortions appear and our relationships can instead become sources of conflict. Harmony exists on a grand scale in the relationship between man, life, and spirit.  Where any one of these three elements is not appreciated, then the whole suffers.  But the natural core of its existence in this world is in the harmony that exists within each one of us, in the relationship between personality, life and spirit.  If this is out of balance, then our true nature is effected by distorted belief systems and emotions that can lead to inner turmoil, conflict, and a personal vision that then colors our world and affects how we connect on every level.  The way this balance, this harmony, is cultivated and stabilized is through the structures of our existence which come into being through the complex and deeply interconnected invisible highways of our multi-dimensional selves by way of sacred geometry.  It’s a miracle that happens in each moment whether we are aware of it or not.

The Kabalistic teaching around the Tree of Life beautifully illustrates the role of sacred geometry as the structure (The Tree) that acts as the highway up and down which life travels. It is depicted in several ways, including as the bridge that holds Life in relationship with the Divine, through structures that give perfect balance – It reminds us of our origins in a place of unity and infinite light from which we commence our journey into life via the spiritual highways of its branches.  As our incoming spirit journeys it is compelled into form by life force, one of the strongest vibrations in our universe, becomes embodied in rooted form as matter, and individuates. The Tree of Life is also seen as the rooted structure, branches reaching into the heavens, through which the spirit journeys back, shedding the density of matter, to reunify with all creation.  The path taken, symbolized by The Tree, is that of the initiate who is aided by the infinite wisdom of life, at once in form and in spirit.  The Tree helps us to understand the importance and necessary balance required of the relationship that man has with spirit and with life. The balance and flow, and the organizing principle with which it orders all form – providing the axis, the templates and the structures for the fluid movement of life – gives us the containment and the structures of existence we require to transduce down the high level energy that we need to step into and create in the body. 

These spiritual highways of pure and sacred geometry are vital to every relationship there is, those large enough to be visible to the naked eye, or minute and invisible.  The bonds between the spiritual structures of our being and our molecules of matter are created as they are transmitted down into form. Through them our essence cascades into the physical, the subatomic particles, which are themselves another aspect of the universal matrix of sacred geometry.  It is important that the alignment created as the subatomic particles bond and form our molecular reality is strong and clear – that is the relationship between the atomic particles and the amount of gravity that regulates how much separation they hold; between the molecules that are created as those atoms bond; with the personality that is created as a result of the relationship between those molecules; and so also, as matter is fully embraced, between the human body and its Central Nervous System and the invisible but equally real planes of creation.  The force of life which impels us to fit into the body also gives us more consolidation into time and space, and therefore less movement and more stability, and it is this stability, this balance, embodied by our molecular structure, that is one of the main ingredients that gives us our experience of life…good or bad.  All these things and more make up our spirit, personality, and how much purity of life we hold.  A shift in the make-up or consciousness of one of these elements will affect everything around it. 

It is helpful to have a real understanding of the mechanics of this interplay in order to become conscious participants in our own life process, as well as in our evolution and transformation.  The consciousness that that understanding generates helps to lubricate the elements involved and deepens the connectedness into life. 

For many of us part of our challenge in life is that we don’t feel very connected to our immediate environments, and, even though we may intellectually get that our collective experience and survival may depend on how we respond globally to nature, too few of us recognize the importance of equality and respect in this relationship.  Harmony is more often than not lacking right from the start – our ‘rooted’ aspect, our connection with the Earth, is absent.  The less we are connected to the earth that we live on, the less we are connected to ourselves, and so the less we are able to connect to the true nature of our being, our Divine nature.   When you look truthfully at your own life and how you relate to yourself, your surroundings and to nature, do you see respect or, perhaps, entitlement emerging as cornerstones of your relationship with land and with spirit?  If it is the latter then look within – harmony and balance are likely to be lacking in you too.  You can change your outlook, and the rhythm of the balance you have created in your life between your personality, Life and the invisible structures of spirit, by deepening and complexifying how you sit in the sacred geometry that forms, surrounds, and connects you to your life, and so to all life.  To do this the distortions that are warping your reality have to transform first.  When that happens, your sacred geometry reconfigures, and you change how you relate in the world

As I became more consciously aware of how all lifeforms around me interconnect through me, I could also see where I had difficulty connecting and I realized that I had to look at my relationships first in order to change my experience of life.  This required that I examined the beliefs that I held and my sense of myself.  Once I fully understood that these were aspects that held me back from life, then it felt like a choiceless choice – I had to start to dialogue with and remember why I hid those demons in my basement, and then reintegrate the forgotten, misconceived places they inhabited.  Some of these unpleasant, (what felt like) life threatening experiences and misconceptions that had been in place since I was a toddler, were ready for transformation, but in other places it has taken years of digging to come close to the core issues that I have cunningly hidden from myself at such depth in order that I didn’t have to feel the terror that these threw me into.  Though sometimes tough, the rewards for this work have been great.

I can see clearly now how these limiting beliefs and thoughts hold me in separation.  For instance, many of us, especially women – me included – carry levels of shame which in the most subtle of ways affect how we respond to life.  It may mean that feelings of unworthiness, sometimes present as entitlement or as inadequacy, appear in our relationships and energetic interactions.  Unworthiness might mean that you hold yourself back.  It will be apparent in how you feel about yourself and how you relate to others, and, of course it is a distortion of the truth and something that also affects how you are able to connect to spirit, and to life itself.  It is only by working with these types of issues that we can free ourselves from the distorted thought forms that throw us out of balance.  One such place of transformation for me was when I recognized that I was withholding my pleasure in life.  Why would I do that – it seemed so illogical?  At first I really didn’t get it.  Tracing this back I remembered the child-like logic that had created this behavior.  I didn’t want to do what my parents told me to do; I was angry and I wasn’t allowed to express it; I had no option but to conform because I was just a little girl.  In defiance, I refused to show my pleasure even if I liked what I was doing.  I closed those places where I felt pleasure, including my heart.  It became a habit that stopped me creating bonds from the molecular level upwards and outwards, affecting my musculature, and resulted in my biology becoming conditioned to feeling and expressing less – less joy, less connection with myself, with life and with spirit.  In my search for the truth I discovered that the original intention in withholding was to hurt my parents, and I probably did, but far more hurtful was the unintended damage I inflicted on myself.

So, creating harmony on an individual level, cultivating the balanced bridge between personality, life, and spirit may sound quite easy, but it requires a lot of self responsibility and enquiry, and it is a vital component of respectful relationship amongst all sentient beings, and of spiritual growth.  It can be a hard task and there may be a lot of resistance to going deeply into these places.  The ego may not like it, because by examining the truth of existence, you start to uncover the nature of the ego and its role in maintaining a place of separation.  The ego rules the personality, and fundamentally the personality doesn’t really appreciate spirit.  Who would appreciate coming up against an infinite truth that knows your ‘position’ to be a lie and isn’t interested in perpetuating it!! 

By having compassion for ourselves as we explore the human condition it is possible to let go and experience how working on ourselves has seismic affects on everything that we are in relationship with….and all this happening by way of the sacred, ethereal structures of Life, via the infinite sacred geometry of existence.  I found that as I continued to deeply contact and clear the distorted places in my being that I had long held in shadow, I appreciated so much more about myself, that I am kinder to myself, and that that in turn has led to a much clearer appreciation of my body and the sacred journey that it too is taking, and all the ‘hits’ that it fields for me.  I am prepared to sit in a place of vulnerability without finding it life-threatening.  I have been able to open my heart, and to experience love both for myself and for others in a very different way.  To do this work each one of us forges new etheric pathways and complexifies, deepens and, paradoxically, simplifies the sacred geometry of our existence in order to restore balance to how we interconnect with the earth and with spirit.

I was recently in Provence, in Southern France, staying at a place where the balance between man, land, and spirit is so tangible that, with my heart open, the plants seemed more vital, the colors more vibrant, and the veils between me, the land, and the unseen dimensions of existence (spirit) so thin that I could hear singing emanating from them.  I experienced total harmony there, a beautiful union with spirit and land where each one actively supported the other, and all in a complete and undefended connection.  For me it was also a welcome reflection of the impact that my own rebalancing has had on my relationships with the earthly and divine elements of myself, and so with all life form.

In case any of you want to travel down into your basements and dig about for hidden treasure…..Your true nature…. Here is an exercise that you can do either by yourself, or, if you’d like an ally, with your energy therapist.  She/He will be able to help and support you as you take your unique journey.

A Journey into the Shadow

Before starting, sit in meditation or contemplation for a few moments and bring your attention to your heart.  Bring the love and compassion of the heart to all those places in your being where you are holding some form of separation consciously or unconsciously.  This is sacred work, so treat it sacredly, and when you are ready…

  1. Find an issue that feels ripe for examination
  2. See if you can feel/sense/know where that issue is held in the body. 
  3. Bring your attention to that place as you take up this issue and start to unpack it.
  4. Find the belief behind it – What age were you when you created this distortion, and why?  Connect with the person you were at that age and allow yourself to feel the emotions that accompany this issue.
  5. Explore the truth of the belief. You may have created this defense when you were unable to survive by yourself or defend yourself.  Is that still true now?  Explore that …… and if it isn’t true any longer bring your adult self to this place and look at it again with new awareness.  Bring your heart-felt compassion into any place where you find this distorted belief and help your young self to see that there is no need to defend in that way anymore.  Let the defense soften and dissolve.  Express whatever emotions arise as you follow the movement of its release. Feel how consciousness transforms this issue and creates space for a new awareness to spread through your cellular structures, outwards. 
  6. Notice how you experience the release and relief of embodying the truth and letting go of the shadow.  Now see how it affects how you connect in life, and take note of the places where you can rest harmoniously with those around you and in life.
  7. Finally, Practice!!!  Where you once were triggered or defended see what it feels like to be in relationship from a different, more heart-centered place.  It may make you feel vulnerable initially.  That is ok… breath through it, and keep on Practicing.  You are actively changing the sacred geometry of your existence – keep hoeing the path so that you create a clear road to travel along.

©2010 Sarah Lidsey. All rights reserved.



  1. I love your blog!
    Thank you for doing what you do!

  2. Sarah, hi. What you describe here is very similar to some new flavors of Energy Psychology work, combining tapping with “visiting” the younger you and reframing the trauma or incident that crystallized that particular belief. In fact you are both tapping on yourself in present time, and (after getting permission), tapping on the you at that age. Very powerful.

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