Posted by: Sarah Lidsey | December 3, 2010


From inception there has been a natural state of harmony and respect in the relationship between Man, Land and the Divine Nature of all Being.  Over the centuries this has weakened and, as more people converge around towns and cities, it has often been completely lost.  Remembering our intimate relationship with the planet we live on is vital to our well-being, and not just because we live and walk on her, but because her base components, the metals, minerals and ores that are part of her bedrock and make up her plant kingdoms are also part of our bedrock and the elements that interweave through our biology.

Taking an active stance in offering myself in service to the earth has given me a much deeper understanding of how far we have drifted away from a balanced, harmonious relationship with all levels of life from individual existence to the planetary whole.  The irony is that how we treat the earth is reflected in each one of us.  It affects our health, our attitudes, our feelings of safety or survival, and also the amount of separation we feel within ourselves and from each other. Whether we are aware of it or not, by treating the earth, her lands, and her other residents responsibly and respectfully, we automatically and seamlessly create harmony and balance for ourselves.

There are plenty of teachings out there that address the importance of generating harmony.  They direct us to recognize that the attitudes we hold and the actions we take create our realities.  Restoring balance between our personalities, our spiritual or infinite natures, and Life is a profound practice, and one that brings amazing results.  If we can change the balance of how we hold our beliefs and then walk them in life, we can change the way we live and positively affect the planet and how we interact with her. It is possible to do this simply by bringing awareness to our thoughts and deeds.

Earthwork starts right here.  The first step is in bringing awareness and understanding to our own psyches. This can mean moving away from positions of selfishness; noticing where we see things in material terms and value them according to how we can utilize them to serve our needs, and where we appreciate them for their intrinsic beauty or design. Harmony needs to be recognized and cultivated within in order for us to live it easily from a state of appreciation for the world.  Once embodied at a personal level, it naturally cascades out globally.

To undertake energetic earthwork can be a sticky tricky path in today’s New Agie communities.  There are many of us out there who want to help restore the balance between earth, and her most destructive resident, man. There is a danger in ‘doing’ this without taking the earth herself into account. Our place is not to impose, but to offer up our physical selves so that planetary structures, alignments and energies that have been affected by our interactions can be nourished back to their natural state, one of harmony between all elements. Ours, then, is only to be the bums on the seats – channels through which the energetics of change can flow – giving up any agenda, and letting Gaia herself open up her own natural rhythms, energies and connections to correct and repair the pollution, degradation, and destruction caused by our actions. 

To be the conduit for change, in alignment with the earth’s highest good is, I believe, one of the greatest services we can offer, and to do this in a way that is honoring and free of the need for any positive outcome is vital.  I am very grateful in these times to be part of a community, under the guidance of Dr. Patricia Fields, that is focused on the ingredients needed to take on the role of earth worker, or earth supporter.  My own feeling is that this ‘job’, by its nature is something that does not require, nor asks for, any acknowledgement. It will unfold in a way that is exactly right for the region, aspect, or structure that is being treated without our beliefs or willful intentions getting in the way.  There are, however, a few basic ingredients to consider, including asking for spiritual help.

Earthwork may involve multiple aspects and elements that need to be addressed in order for the land or region to come back into harmonious alignment.  In general, because of this need to operate on many levels at once, the most impactful earthwork happens in community. There are quite a few reasons for this, not least of which is the increased wattage available in a group field, as well as the energetic diversity that is then present, thus allowing different issues to be resolved simultaneously.

I had some questions before committing myself to group work.  These included satisfying my own sensitivity to ‘tinkering’ with the earth in any way that felt disrespectful.  How was I to know if the earth wanted me to ‘interfere’?  How was I to know if the way I aligned myself to the task at hand was right?  Well, the answer came through loud and clear.  Use guidance, and ask for help.  Receiving permission from the land, her spiritual guides, and her guardians is crucial to ensuring right relationship with Gaia, but if permission isn’t given, being prepared to accept ‘no’ and let go is essential. It is also crucial to double check if there is any personal agenda behind the intention. This is the domain of the ego and that is not welcome in this work because of its potential to color the process and affect the outcome.  

Finally, the work ultimately comes from the heart not from the mind.  As in individual process work, even the slightest shift on a personal level can impact a whole network of relationships. So it is with earthwork.  A small area assisted in coming back into balance can allow a massive realignment to the planetary whole.  I encourage all to undertake this work, starting with the self and moving out from there, to positively affect our collective experience and restore a respectful interaction between Man, Land and the infinite Spirit that moves through us all.  Start your own group.  Work together in person, or long distance by telephone. But Start!

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