Posted by: Sarah Lidsey | February 19, 2011

Traveling Meditations

There are many ways to find out who we are and what makes us tick. So many brilliant and engaging teachers talk, write and live lives that help to light the way, drawing on incredibly rich traditions that have existed for centuries.  But, for each one of us embarking on a journey of self discovery, it is important to know that it doesn’t have to ‘look’ a certain way.  Don’t be put off from taking the journey by the dogma or the discipline you perceive accompanies it. There are many paths, and many of those paths have been tried and tested and deserve our respect, and yet no single path is right for everyone.  So, if you like the teaching, but not the way it is taught, trust that and find your own way in, traditional or otherwise, and it will unfold you naturally into a state of deep knowing. 

In the process of stepping onto my path I was led in many directions, first questioning my own Christian faith as I was taught it, and then enquiring into the nature of God through other religious practices, all of them rich and helpful to me, setting me off in directions not restricted by tradition or community.  Learning about the energetic dynamics of my being, and experiencing the changes in my consciousness through the process of hands-on healing underpinned my enquiries.  As I evolved with the help of energy therapists, I listened to a diverse cross-section of teachers. Some seemed to reinforce the dualistic nature of life on earth and I realized quickly that I don’t choose to learn from them.  I found that I was most interested in those who offered paths of direct awakening, reflecting back the illusionary nature of life and the dramas that we all create. ‘Who am I?’ is the question it all comes down to in these circles.  My time in reflection with these masters has always been valuable, but I recognized that the dogma felt in the church of my childhood was there too, and that I needed to step out and look in other places as well, and most importantly I needed to drop into deeper relationship with my own life, and the illusions and restrictions that I create.  For me, making awakened awareness ‘real’ was what counted, otherwise, I could see myself twirling around forever in some intellectual gathering, missing the living of life, sacrificing it to the question ‘Who am I?’ – Knowing, mentally, the answer is ‘You aren’t!’,  but forgetting, while sitting on my hard town hall chair, that the real reason for following this Path of Understanding is to live life fully in the here and now, ascending into the body, not out of it.

I was drawn to sell my apartment in New York and take my inquiry on the road.  Initially I believed that I had embarked on my quest as a result of my own curiosity and determination to unearth Truth.  But that turns out not to be so!!  I have been guided all along the way, led on a journey of remembering long forgotten paths, and ancient wisdoms I had no idea existed.  I’ve traveled to the four corners of the world, and to each continent, and have seen the beauty of this planet’s many diverse cultures, and I’ve been introduced to guides who have opened my eyes to the richness of the lands we live on, and beyond.  My journey has been blessed with teachers whose knowledge of science and alchemy and universal dynamics have expanded my horizons and encouraged me to trust my senses.  I’ve traveled far and returned, learnt from my contact with each place visited, and gone out again on the intuition that where I was being led to next would provide the next key to my continuing evolution.  It always has.  Meditation has been a part of each journey.  It brings me into relationship with the land I am on, and through this I find that I increasingly walk this road with awareness from a place of contentment, appreciative of the beauty of life, the perfection of the imperfect, and the current that runs through us all as creative life force.  As I continue to embody the experience of life, looking past the illusion, realization has sunk in – that life is living me, and not the other way round.  

I’ve already posted a few of my meditative experiences, all of which have been part of my Pilgrimages of the Heart (for instance, Africa and the Laikipia Masai, May 2010) and, over the next year I am going to share some of the meditations, spiritual journeys, and reflections that have been particularly impactful for me.  Some have connected me to specific ancient teachings, and others have helped me to understand viscerally that we are so much more than our physical bodies. All have served to build my understanding of the continuous and infinite nature of life. My traveling experiences have been really varied, but reflection and internal stillness have been present everywhere.   I hope that by sharing some of them, you too will be encouraged to continually question the ‘box’ that you inhabit, and keep opening to the true nature of existence in a way that assists you on your path.  In the process, I hope that these meditations will also be an encouragement to all to connect spirit, land, and human experience in a way that assists us all in living here, now, in a harmonious and balanced relationship that unfolds in a way that is mutually supportive.   

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