Posted by: Sarah Lidsey | March 28, 2011

Current Times

Times are changing for me, and for people all over the world.  Its happening on personal, collective and planetary levels simultaneously.  Kali is speaking to us in these times of seismic pressures and I, for one, am feeling it internally and externally.  An aspect of the Divine Mother in the Hindu pantheon of deities, Kali’s powerful and mysterious creative forces redirect the universe in whatever way is called for, often unleashing destructive natural phenomena and uprooting our lives. Like Shiva she holds dissolution and transformation in her hands.  Of all the Hindu expressions of the Divine Mother, it is she who provides us with spiritual opportunities to make constructive changes in our lives, and, if we listen, it is she who gives us the space to pause, look at what we are creating and then make changes to redirect that which is out of balance.  Her wise directives can be hard to embrace, but if we don’t listen our lives spin visibly and invisibly with the turbulence she creates as she corrects our course. 

Personally, I’m out of sync with New York life and craving instead to live my life away from the City’s frenetic energy, hoping to find my place amongst the sounds and rhythms of nature.  This month, after nearly 17 years, I finally uprooted and left. My pattern of realizing something has to give, continuing even with this knowledge, and only moving on and out when the whisper of impending trouble turns into a shout, seems similar to that being enacted the world over at the moment.  In this moment, I see my situation as a microcosm of an invitation being given to humanity as a whole.  This awareness is bubbling up from the subconscious into the rivers of life that sustain us, mobilizing the lawful balance of humanity with the planet that we live on, and with the spiritual impulses that move us, whether we acknowledge them or not.  Kali is helping me, and I am truly appreciative.  She’s worked with me before in clearing away accumulated debris on all the levels of my being at different times. I’ve felt her cleansing flames burn away issues that I had asked to be resolved.  As they’ve been addressed, I experience the increased vitality that goes with releasing lower level or distorted vibrations.  The natural ratio of spirit to matter means that shifts on the spiritual planes of existence need time to be absorbed, because matter vibrates at a slower rate than spirit, and every atomic particle of the biology needs to embrace and integrate change. Energy work has to be stepped down into everyday life in order for the changed state of being on the metaphysical levels to have impact on the physical, and so on life itself.  Patience has always been a weak spot for me, and I haven’t generally allowed enough time for that, assuming my body can cope. After years of intensive spiritual practices it is protesting, and I am at last recognizing the gift of being here, now, in a body and the importance of restoring that body to balance by giving her space to breathe and assimilate. It is time for me to honor her, so that I can live in a way that is healthy, balanced and harmonious. 

Our bodies are microcosmic mirrors that reflect collective issues and dis-eases, and by even one of us addressing where we personally are out of balance, we help to restore balance to the whole.  Health statistics in the United States alone suggest that the population as a whole is weighed down with toxicity from drugs and food.   Distorted thought forms fed to us through propoganda and media also pervade our cultures and influence our actions.  Each one of these affects how we act to self and other, and our expectation of and interaction with life.  I am pretty sure I am not alone in my feelings that it is imperative that I find holistic balance now and if, like me, many of you are also setting out to regain your own equilibrium, then Kali’s transformative powers may provide the impetus for each one of us, allowing the collective and Gaia to transform as we do. 

Collectively, the most obvious change this month has been in Egypt where ordinary citizens, who weren’t prepared to be ridden over any more, protested peacefully to oust their longstanding dictator and his regime, and achieved it. The same impulse and the ensuing struggle is evident in Libya and, in Japan (in the aftermath of the earthquake and Tsunami) where the slow action of authorities and its potential to deepen catastrophic events, caused people to take the initiative into their own hands and organize preventative measures at the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant.  In diverse cultures around the world a new finer tuned sense of what is ok and what is not is slowly emerging, and people are finding their voices and challenging the authority of their Governments in order to institute change.  In her omnipotent way Kali is incentivizing us by reflecting the consequences of our complacency and collective arrogance towards each other and our environment.  The disaster in Japan is one major example of this, underlining clearly that we are fueling our existence in ways that are lethal to us all, not only to the local population.  There too the heart of humanity has been all too apparent as people in need come together to help each other. Kali is encouraging us to embrace change.

The Planet is shifting.  It is almost impossible to view earthquakes and Tsunamis, tempests of magnificent proportions, as positive forces of change when thousands have been swept away or died or seemingly been condemned to death, and still more are in great distress.  I posted a piece around this subject last year in The Death Force and Life (Oct. ’10).  Since then our Earth has gone through an axial realignment as a result of this latest massive quake, and time is speeding up as the axial spin has been increased by the seismic events in the northern and southern hemispheres, centered in Chile in 2010 and in Japan this month.  Changing personal let alone planetary axial alignments, even infinitesimally, can cause deep adjustments to how life is expressed through us .  As she realigns around the world it is important to trust that there is a bigger picture and to put personal agendas and fears aside, even as our hearts open with great compassion.   

Universal forces of creation – Kali, if you will – are bringing new levels of awareness to the way we are living on this planet, and to the respect we show her and each other. Surely it’s time to listen now, while we are ahead of the curve!  We’ve moved into the final phase of the Mayan Calendar during this period of tumult, and a major astrological event has happened with Uranus now transiting Aries, further underlining these energies of change.  If the wisdom of the stars and that left to us by the Ancient Ones is to be believed, the end of our current way of living really is neigh.  I hope so.  New consciousness streaming into our awareness means that we will all have the energetic awareness and the opportunity to live life in a new way.  It needn’t be a dream, but it may require that we step forward in some way to embrace the potential that is streaming down to meet us. Times are Changing!

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  1. I’m given to understand that Kali, the black goddess, had a rather irritable and violent personality. There is, however, a probable connection between quakes and the fact that the earth’s surface supports lavish communities of living things. None of the geologically dead celestial bodies observed in our solar system appear to be harboring life in spades the way our planet is.

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