Posted by: Sarah Lidsey | May 11, 2011

Traveling Meditations: The Indian Ocean

Going to the coast was always a special part of my time in Kenya as I grew up.  My memories of those holidays are full of happiness. The Indian Ocean has a very gentle quality close to the shore, and the presence of a coral reef means that swimming is relaxing.

What a treat to wake up early on those hot days, and step out across the exposed coral or onto the white sands to walk for a while, or swim, as the fishermen and beach boys quietly prepared for their day.  It was a time of contemplation for me, full of peace and gratitude, breathing in the beauty and the blessing of being alive.

On low tides, as I walked, I’d stop and pick up shells, and watch the sandpipers – tiny fast moving birds – racing to find their treats in the damp footprint of the last wave. When I reached open coral pools, I’d look down to see what fishy creatures have stayed as the tides rolled back, becoming easily absorbed in entire worlds of seaweed, shells, crabs, anemones, and the tiny colorful fish beneath my gaze.  I’d be back out there as the tide turned from its high point, and the seas gentled, to experience the rhythm of the waters and in doing that come to a place of peace and renewal for myself.

Understanding that my natural way and rhythm may not be the indigenous way of some of the places I visit, I like to bring myself into alignment with the energies present.  It’s similar to being a good houseguest, adapting to your hostess’ rhythms so that your visit is entirely pleasurable for you both.  In this way, wherever I am, I approach that place with the intention that balance, harmony and connection flow easily.

I have a primary life practice that I take with me wherever I go.  I invoke spiritual law. It’s a practice of invoking universal dynamics, the laws that regulate us all and organizes every aspect of life. To me this feels like greasing my wheels so that they interconnect with the energies that I am in relationship with, in the environment I am in. My understanding of the nature of spiritual law comes from a body of teaching I have received from Dr. Patricia Fields over many years.  As she teaches it, Law is part of the organizing principle of life which governs the right use of energies and forces, and allows evolution (or devolution) to happen in balance so that all elements, physical and metaphysical, can harmonize with each other. It is a constantly moving, harmonious regulator that interconnects with everything, informing and lubricating the spiritual highways of life, the sacred geometry that we first use when we incarnate and step down into existence.

Invoking spiritual law is part of my daily practice, as well as being part of my meditative and healing practice. There are a few seminal laws that I call on regularly, including Spiritual Law itself. After that I call in the laws that feel important for that day, or that feel right for the moment, the practice, and the location. But first I start by centering in the heart, and only once that connection is made do I begin.  Examples of laws that might resonate with you too include the Laws of Creation, Grace, Love, Divine Will, One, Forgiveness, and Freedom.

The first time I called in the Law of the Oceans, I felt as if I was going deep sea diving.  The change of pressure and the sense of moving into another world was really unique.  One of its effects was to regulate my etheric structures with the oceanic ones so that the differences between us were bridged.  I came away with a much fuller understanding of the unique qualities of the element of water, and was thus able to embody a deeper respectful relationship with the sea and all her inhabitants.

A favorite coastal meditation for me involves surrendering to the flow of the water.  It originates from a sound healing teaching, given by Tom Kenyon, on Quan Yin and how she reached enlightenment, and it involves using your audial awareness as well as your every day sense of awareness. To activate audial awareness you first listen to the sounds around you deeply enough so that their repetitive pattern lulls the brain into a receptive state, and then you step back from that so that you become aware of being aware of the sound.

If you are using this meditation at the beach, make sure that the area you are in is not known for rip-tides, strong currents, or predatory patrollers, so that you can practice safely.  I have also practiced it in deep river pools, and sitting quietly on riverbanks and sand dunes, in fact almost everywhere!  However, the immersion in water allows your entire biology to be activated in a very deep way, and like a rebirthing experience, relaxes the cells reminding them of their original state.  Wherever you do it, be aware of being aware of the local sounds, and keep your eyes softly open for greatest effect as it involves all the senses:



Traveling Meditation in the element of Water

Finding a place with not too strong a tidal drift, walk into the water up to your neck, so that your toes can just make contact with the Ocean floor.  This gives an anchored base, a grounding, but also allows your body to move with the tide. Bring your awareness to your heart center in the center of your chest, and when you feel ready invoke Spiritual Law, and include the Law of the Oceans and any other Laws that you feel called to connect with.

Take a few minutes to allow your body to relax, and to let your thinking mind become familiar, and feel comfortable with the rhythm of the sea. You may need to have your arms out to minimize your drift in the gentle current, or to find the equilibrium between you and the water and your central point of balance.  Your eyes are open, resting in a very gentle unfocused gaze.

Take a few really deep breaths to enliven your energy centers, moving your awareness with your breath from your crown, through your heart and diaphragm, down into your pelvis, to your perineum and into the ocean floor beneath your feet. Breathe in the incredible smell of the sea, and the energy of the sun’s light as it enlivens the water around you.  Look at the patterns it creates as it dances in the water.  Enjoy the sensation of the water licking your body.  Send out your gratitude for this moment and for the beauty of creation all around you.

Notice how your cells start to embody and respond to the rhythms of nature being taken in by your senses, and keep breathing in the ocean’s energies. You are experiencing a visceral lullaby to your being as your body is rocked by the current.  You may feel the physical boundaries between you and within you are diminishing. Feel how deeply restful, soothing, and full of contact and joy this state of being is.

Now bring your awareness to the sound of the water as it rolls in to meet the shore.  Stay with that for a while.

Then when you are ready, move your focus from the sound itself to the silence between the sounds.  This activates your audial awareness.  Remain here for some time. You will start to notice that the silence and the light and the rhythm and the movement meld together, allowing you to release your thinking mind and let your awareness expand beyond your physical reality until you feel part of everything – the water, the sound, the air, the light, the smell, and all life along the beach along which you just walked …

Notice your heart and how softly and widely it has opened allowing both this state of interconnectedness, and for each part to abide in each other.

Rest here for as long as you like before you begin your journey back.

Visit for links to Pat Fields and Tom Kenyon.

©2011 Sarah Lidsey. All rights reserved.

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