Posted by: Sarah Lidsey | June 5, 2014

How to manifest your deepest desires

We all carry hopes, wishes, dreams and at times these manifest easily and life flows beautifully, but when they don’t there can be a feeling of lack that may be fueled by an underlying issue, belief or even a fear about how having our deepest desire might upset our lives.

Even though we may think that having tons of money, a gorgeous partner, or a high powered job will make everything ‘right’, under the surface we may hold a hidden ‘No!’.

The fundamentals of this manifesting practice are that for each desire we hold to change our behavior, our circumstances, or indeed to create something totally new in our lives, we need to presence any fears we hold about it and the polar-opposite quality of what we are calling for.  Taking time to flesh it out is important, so that the power of our deep rooted concerns lose their hold over us, and our intention can then emerge in its purest form.

You can create anything that you want to have in your life in this way.

Here are the steps:

1. Be clear about what it is that you want to have.

2. First connect with the polar opposite of what you wish to create. For instance, if it is Patience that you want, go first to Impatience. Name the qualities it elicits in you – perhaps thoughtlessness, anxiety, anger.

If your desire is material, for instance a loving partner, you first list what you feel may be holding you back from attracting that person, going through the concerns you have about opening up to share your life. Be super-honest about everything. Don’t skip a thing – list your intolerances, your worries and your fears.

If you meet something that you really want to turn away from…don’t. Bring it right out of the shadows and work through it. What created that fear and is it really relevant to your life now?

Get help from a spiritual guide, a healer or therapist, someone who can help you with it and neutralize its hold over your life if it feels too big to handle by yourself.  But don’t let it hold you back from your heart’s desire anymore – meet it and break the power it holds over you.

Write it all down.

It is vital to do this work before moving on to what qualities would make you supremely happy.

3. Next move on to its positive expression in your life – how it will feel to have it, and what it will bring to you.  If it’s a quality – Patience, for instance – how will that change your behavior, your demeanor, your relationships?  If it’s a loving partner, imagine all the qualities you’d like in your beloved down to the smallest detail….height, humor, interests, intellect, degrees of contact and connection…and so on. Envision everything – don’t leave anything out. This is the fun part – be really playful with it!

Write it all down.

Having thoroughly addressed all that you lack and all that you desire, you then go into the process of manifestation.

4. Drop into your heart center, and sit in meditation.

5. Call in everything that will support you – I call on Mother/Father/God, the Great Creator of All that Is, my guides, and Gaia to support me.

I Call in some of the Universal Laws that structure our existence, including the Laws of Manifestation, Love, Creation and Wisdom asking them to flow through this vision, illuminating it, and potentizing it as I connect to it.

6. Call your vision towards you using your intention.

7. Send the loving energy of your heart into it and call on it to manifest in alignment with Universal Law and your soul’s journey, according to Divine Will.

8. And then let go of any attachment to it – trusting, surrendering it to the universe lovingly, knowing that it will come to you.

9. Ask for it to manifest in present time so that you can receive it now, joyfully.

10. And then give thanks, and offer your gratitude for all that you are to receive.


©2014 Sarah Lidsey. All rights reserved.



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