Posted by: Sarah Lidsey | July 1, 2014

Exactly where I need to be

From time to time I hear an inner call to stop, take stock, and appreciate where I am in my life’s journey. My awareness is drawn inward and I move into a point of quietness, like the stasis experienced between the in-breath – of gathering and transformation – and the out-breath – of taking all that has been realised back out into the world.

This invitation to reflect can easily be lost in the noise of busy’ness, but heeding it delivers such gifts of awareness, and these in turn transform one’s consciousness.

Taking the time to sit in the stillness between the inhalation and the exhalation of the breath of life is also an opportunity to take note of where balance and harmony is yet to be embodied, recognizing that those places are also part of the whole and will be returning to unity too. This acceptance that all is in divine order is very relaxing! It is knowing and trusting that we are always and ever exactly where we are meant to be in our evolution.

Amy Steinberg says it so completely in her song, ‘Exactly’. I’m posting it here. I hope it speaks to you too, encouraging an appreciation of your beautiful self and the stillness within that is rich with revelation. Taking time to observe and honestly acknowledge every aspect revealed is a great gift that you can easily give to yourself. The only thing needed is to slow down, be present, and listen. You just listen to your natural rhythm and follow it inward until you meet the vast expanse there that holds and loves all, without exception.

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  1. Exactly where i am now… ‘In between’ with an invitation to rest in quietude and reflect …

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