Sarah’s Video

Start from Where You Are

Harmony exists on a grand scale in the relationship between human beings, how we live our lives and honor the planet we live on, and the spirit that we embody.  Where this is not recognized, then the whole is thrown out of balance, and suffers. Distorted belief systems, actions, and emotions can lead to inner turmoil, conflict, and a personal vision that then colors our world and affects how we respond to our environment and everyone around us.  We can change an unhealthy relationship between the Personality, Life, and Spirit.   If we do this we can change how we relate in the world; we can change how we treat the world; we can change how we treat ourselves. This is a profound healing journey.

It is my intention that through my work I guide people towards a greater freedom of body, mind, and spirit. For this to happen I believe it is important to come into a state of natural balance and harmony with all life.  This belief informs my work, underlies my own evolution, and helps me to enable those who call on me to remember and return to the potential within that is already theirs.  It is never too soon to start this journey – just jump in and start from where you are.

 ‘Our task must be to free ourselves … by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and its beauty’. ~  Albert Einstein, in a letter dated 1950


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