About Sarah’s Blog

Please visit me at my website  www.livinglifeforce.com to read all about my metaphysical energy and neurofeedback practice, and to contact me if you would like to experience my work.
Here, on my Blog, in addition to offering some tips, I am sharing a little of my awareness of the mechanics of universal dynamics and how it relates to energy therapy and healing.  Some pieces are about things that interest me. For instance, awakening, quantum theory, and our knowledge of this universe. Broadly understanding quantum mechanics, even if the minutiae escapes me, has really ignited my love of the metaphysical journey, and it informs my energetic work with self and clients. Other topics include life experiences.  The more I know, the more I am humbled … and fascinated!
Travel is an important part of my life, and I have visited some extraordinary places in the world and had experiences that have broadened my horizons significantly.  I’m sharing moments from some of them here under the headings ‘Pilgrimage of the Heart’, and ‘Traveling Meditations’.  Much of my transformation has happened in, with, and through the Lands I have visited.  I feel truly blessed by the realizations and revelations that each place has brought me.


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