Posted by: Sarah Lidsey | April 2, 2014

Try Mudra, to enhance your Meditation Practice

One of the first steps of offering healing to oneself or others is to be able to allow energy to flow from the metaphysical levels of Being into the physical body.

Meditation is a great vehicle to generate this. When combined with mudra, most commonly practiced as the artful positioning of the hands, the energy field can be assisted to open its subtle channels and to flow in specific ways, stimulating and strengthening all aspects of our being including our organs and tissues.

Mudra is life enhancing and easy.

ImageMudra is a beautiful healing art in itself. One of the most popular mudras for yogis and yoginis, due to its ability to generate spiritual openness,is Gyan Mudra in which the backs of the hands are placed on the thighs above the knees, with the index finger touching the thumb. This opens the flow of energy, increases brainpower and receptivity, supports all the endocrine glands, and assists in reducing anxiety and depression.

ImageGenerally, I let my intuition pick which mudra will best support me for that day. I know it is my body’s wisdom guiding me to assist in my wellbeing. I love Dyana Mudra, where I sit with my hands joined in my lap, cupped, with the right palm supporting the left hand, and the tips of my thumbs touching. This is a wonderful mudra to support balance of the mind and the emotions, creating inner calmness, as well as sustaining and circulating the light.

ImageIf I change this mudra I change both the effect and the energy flow. In Apan Mudra – with the backs of the hands resting separately at the base of my body, the tips of the 2nd & 3rd fingers touching the tips of the thumbs, – I stimulate both hemispheres of the brain, balancing the mind, and opening to creation. On a physical level I am supporting my liver, and assisting my body to eliminate toxins.

ImageIf I want to deepen my grounding I release the 2nd finger and shift into Prithvi Mudra. Now my base chakra is supported, Chi is stimulated, circulation is enhanced, and consciousness is open to flow.

The art and science of mudra is amazing. I encourage you to explore the positive effect of mudra on your health AND your meditation.

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