Posted by: Sarah Lidsey | August 1, 2014

How to deepen your meditation with Breath

deep-breathMany of us who are exploring consciousness or looking for more peace in our busy lives have at some time or other sought out practices to quieten the mind.

There are beautiful timeless teachings out there that help to still the mind and shift one into a place of greater happiness by returning to source. Most of them include bringing awareness to the breath.

The yogic science of meditative breathing is rich in practices that alter your state of being just by changing the flow of your breath, its quality, and its pace.  You can direct it to address lack of balance or disease in your physical body, and, when you use the breath to enter into the multi-dimensional facets of your internal landscape, you can direct it to give you a tangible experience of the infinite nature of your being. Just by breathing you can change the patterns of your life, open your heart, and increase your health and wellbeing!

The practice I am offering you here is foundational to my own ongoing awakening, assisting me greatly in my meditation and awareness.  It starts and ends with one position – the tip of the tongue resting on the roof of the mouth in the ridge where the gum meets the top teeth. As the breath is directed consciously in this way, it opens up the micro-cosmic orbit through all the subtle energy channels to ignite them and feed the physical body, while simultaneously connecting heaven and earth within.

The Practice:

While all the time circulating your breath gently in a clockwise direction, breathe universal energy (chi) from outside of your own personal energy field in through the nose, sending the breath down the front of the body to the core of the earth, releasing out through the mouth to ground and center yourself.

With the next breath through the nose, breathing in from the core of the earth up the spine and out of the nose through the crown at the top of your head until your energy field is grounded, charged, and potentized with your illuminated consciousness. After a little while connect the breath, breathing in and out through the nose, so that with one breath you complete the whole orbit breathing in and down into your base, breathing out and up through the crown to your source.

The meditator’s challenge is often an overactive mind, but as the breath bathes the pineal gland in the center of your brain with light, it slows & finds its own rhythm and direction, your egoic thoughts will then drop away and you will be able to access your greater loving nature and wisdom with ease. Until this occurs just be compassionate to yourself, and when you notice the chattering don’t judge yourself, just thank the mind for sharing its thoughts and come back to a place of more tranquility.

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